Technoheaven and Apiso, portfolio company of nDigital, announce partnership promoting virtual payment solutions

Technoheaven and Apiso have been partners for years, facilitating Technoheaven’s global network of travel providers with Apiso’s feature-rich B2B payment solutions, ensuring a smooth and frictionless payment experience using VCNs in the GCC currencies. Through this partnership, Technoheaven’s clients benefit from simplified and automated payments to travel suppliers, thus improving their financial operations. Technoheaven has been providing Apiso Virtual Credit Card Integration solutions for travel agencies, travel agents, tour operators and destination management companies. Apiso Virtual Credit Card Integration is also available for the ever-growing client portfolio of Technoheaven and will help them simplify the payment process, provide faster and more secure transactions with buyers and suppliers, and increase business revenues.


The partnership has enabled the travel industry to access Apiso’s multi-currency B2B VCN payment services to optimize outbound payments and generate new revenue opportunities while reducing costs and maximizing profitability.


Quote from Andrew Sims, Director at Apiso: Apiso’s relationship with Techno Heaven is an example of how we are building added-value and improving services in the travel industry by embedding our payment solutions into industry-leading travel technology platforms. In this case, the resulting integrated solution delivers benefits to all of the ecosystem stakeholders – our mutual customers, Techno Heaven and Apiso alike.”


Quote from Vinod Kelwani, CEO at Technoheaven “I am thrilled to highlight the invaluable collaboration with Apiso. Our partnership has been instrumental in providing our global network of travel providers with seamless and efficient B2B payment solutions using Virtual Credit Cards (VCNs) in GCC currencies. Through Apiso’s advanced technologies, our clients have benefited from simplified and automated payments, enhancing their financial operations and improving their overall business performance. Apiso’s integration into our travel technology platform has delivered added value and improved services for our mutual customers, Technoheaven, and Apiso alike. This partnership has allowed us to optimize outbound payments, generate new revenue opportunities, and reduce costs while maximizing profitability in the ever-evolving travel industry.”


About Apiso

Apiso’s Advance Payment Integration solutions are setting new standards in multi-currency multi-channel B2B virtual card (VCN) payments. The company’s advanced technologies enable customers and distribution partners to access multi-currency B2B VCN payment services across multiple channels including API, web, and integration with Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and other travel technology companies.

The combination of its services and unique consultative approach enables its customers to optimize outbound payments in order to drive new revenues, decrease costs and FX, and increase profitability.

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Suhail Uddin, Chief Commercial Officer


About Technoheaven

Technoheaven a leading Travel Technology Company, provide a complete travel technology solution to deliver B2C/B2B Travel Portal, Hotel Booking Software, Flight Booking Software, Activity Booking Software, White Label Travel Portal, XML API Integration to OTA, Tour Operator, Travel Agent, Payment Gateway Integration to improve customer experience and build a powerful online presence for business with strong online travel portal which automates the business process to Deliver Success. We offer a solid product portfolio with a performance-driven approach to back up your business.

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