Apiso today announced that it has entered into partnership with European based travel tech firm Ypsilon to provide enhanced virtual card offerings to its existing and future clients. This will further enable Apiso to distribute its products into Europe as it continues to expand its operations.

By integrating with Apiso’s APIs, Ypsilon will act as an Apiso enablement partner with full access to Apiso products and services including a comprehensive basket of European currencies, all major MENA (Middle East and North African) currencies, and virtual cards with differing interchange levels from both MasterCard and Visa including wholesale travel payment products from both schemes.

This extensive set of capabilities provides Ypsilon with the ability to enable its broad customer base of travel agencies and OTAs across Europe and MENA to use its technology solutions with payments being made in local currency virtual cards. In addition, with Apiso cards, it is also possible to assign passenger names to each virtual card at the time of booking.

Andrew Sims, Director at Apiso, said “Apiso’s new relationship with Ypsilon is further evidence of our approach to delivering joined-up solutions in the travel segment by partnering with industry-leading travel technology players. The resulting integrated solution delivers a win-win-win for our mutual customers, Ypsilon and Apiso alike.”

Patrick Coulomb, VP Sales and Marketing at Ypsilon, said “We are thrilled to be able to deploy the Apiso product as it will enable Middle East and North African agencies and OTAs to use our technology combined with virtual credit cards in their local currencies.”
About Apiso

Apiso’s Advance Payment Integration solutions are setting new standards in multi-currency multi-channel B2B virtual card (VCN) payments. The company’s advanced technologies enable customers and distribution partners to access multi-currency B2B VCN payment services across multiple channels including API, web, and integration with Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and other travel technology companies.

The combination of its services and unique consultative approach enables its customers to optimize outbound payments in order to drive new revenues, decrease costs and FX, and increase profitability.

For further information about Apiso please visit www.apiso.io or contact:

Suhail Uddin, Chief Commercial Officer


About Ypsilon

Ypsilon.Net AG is a leading internet travel technology provider for airlines, consolidators, online travel sites, and agencies.

Ypsilon.Net AG’s core competence lies in the engineering of multi content internet air, hotel and car booking engines and XML APIs. Through its affiliate Ypsilon Payment solutions, Ypsilon.Net also provides PCI DSS, PSD2/SCA, fraud prevention and payment solutions.

Ypsilon.net connects directly to several major acquirers and other alternative forms of payment including several virtual credit card suppliers. (Amadeus, American Express, Airplus, Wex, Enett, pax2pay, Barclays).

For further information about Ypsilon, please visit www.ypsilon.net or contact info@ypsilon.net

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