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nDigital Holdings, a Cayman Islands Segregated Portfolio Company, is our north star. Its structure provides the framework for our growing roster of digital businesses and enables the group to deliver shareholder value with optimum protection for our investors as a result of the segregation and ring-fencing between each portfolio. The Company currently comprises 4 portfolios each targeted at a specific segment of our operations and growth opportunities: Portfolio A: Licensed and Regulated Digital Financial Services; Portfolio B: FinTech SaaS and Licensed Software; Portfolio C: Venture Building; and Portfolio D: B2B Payments.

Digital Financial Services: Infinios Financial Services

Infinios Financial Services B.S.C(c) is licensed and regulated as a payment services provider and card processor by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) and is a principal member of Mastercard, Visa and Swift. Our advanced digital banking and payment technology platform supports a broad range of digital financial services use cases and provides an one-stop solution that empowers FinTech companies, and enables platform business and brands to embed financial services within their operations. The company, which is a regional pioneer and remains the only fully-vertically integrated banking-as-a-service provider in the Middle East, has an aggressive growth strategy across the EMEA region.


B2B Payments: Apiso

Apiso W.L.L., launched in 2019, is the Middle East and Africa’s first B2B virtual payment solution. It uses digital accounts, VCNs and automated financial control features of the Infinios platform to facilitate fast, secure, data-rich, embedded, multi-currency B2B supplier payments to the travel and insurance sectors. It is now targeting new ground in logistics, import/export, and general payables sectors. Apiso is the Middle East region preferred partner of global distribution system providers Sabre and Amadeus, and hotel payments specialist Voxel Group. The company is positioned to dominate travel supplier payments the MEA market as the industry recovers post Covid.

Fintech: Infinios Solutions

Infinios Solutions W.L.L. developed and owns the Infinite Financial Solution platform. The company builds advanced digital banking and payment technologies which it distributes under licensed product and software-as-a-service agreements, and provides highly-secure, highly-available infrastructure design and management services to support the digital transformation of financial services businesses. With a presence in Bahrain, KSA and USA, the company is rolling out its solutions across multiple regions globally.

Venture Building: nDigital Ventures

nDigital Ventures is our Venture Builder and provides the holding structure for the minority stakes the group owns in client and partner organisations, and through M&A and venture building activities. nDigital Ventures currently holds equity in AppTech Payments Corp. (Nasdaq: APCX) and EQ Group (Flaim) and is developing a structured venture building program to target FinTech and Digital Platform start-ups that have synergy with other group companies, and show promise through the quality of their management team, product market fit, and business model.

Payments: AppTech

AppTech Payments Corp. (Nasdaq: APCX) is developing a modular and highly scalable and secure Fintech platform that is set to fuel the future of commerce. AppTech’s proprietary software, integrated with the Infinios platform, provides progressive and adaptable products through a suite of synergistic offerings directly to merchants, banking institutions and business enterprises. The APCX platform drives B2B, B2C and P2P capabilities in payments-as-a-service (PaaS) and Banking-as-a-service (BaaS), including crypto currency payments and contactless payment options like text-to-pay, QR, mobile-to-mobile and payments in the Metaverse. AppTech enables its clients, including SaaS, e-commerce, technology, retail, financial and consumer brand companies to deliver seamless commerce experiences to their customers when, where and how they want to transact.

Social media: Flaim

Flaim uses their social media messaging and marketplace platforms as a foundation and customer acquisition channel for its financial services offering. With a broad range of digital payment solutions under development, Flaim is positioning itself to provide multi-currency digital accounts, integrated and dynamic payment services alongside transformative monetary solutions including coins, NFTs and insurance delivered through smart contracts.

Neo banking: Dawn

Dawn provides branded and white-label opportunities for distribution and co-branding partners to offer travel, lifestyle spending, and corporate incentive solutions out-of-the-box. Delivered through simple and compelling mobile and web user experiences, Dawn apps are fully-integrated with the Infinios Banking-as-a-Service platform to enable digital onboarding; multi-currency accounts with dynamic virtual and physical card creation; POS, ATM and contactless payments; P2P and remittance services.


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