Apiso today announced that it has entered into partnership with European based travel tech firm Hitchhiker that will enable Apiso to broaden its distribution channels and Hitchhiker to provide enhanced virtual card offerings to its existing and future clients.

By integrating with Apiso’s APIs and becoming an Apiso enablement partner, Hitchhiker will be equipped to build on the value-add that virtual cards provide to its customer base. Aside from offering a basket of European currencies, Hitchhiker will now have full access to all major MENA currencies, virtual cards with differing interchange levels from both MasterCard and Visa including MasterCard’s MWP and Visa’s IDX wholesale travel payment programs, and the ability to assign passenger names to each virtual card at the time of booking.

Andrew Sims, Director at Apiso, said “Apiso’s new relationship with Hitchhiker is another example of how we are building added-value and improving services in the travel industry by embedding our payment solutions into industry-leading travel technology platforms. In this case, the resulting integrated solution delivers benefits to all of the ecosystem stakeholders – our mutual customers, Hitchhiker and Apiso alike.”

Thomas Boffo, CEO at Hitchhiker said, “With Apiso, we are pleased to be able to offer our customers an important and sought-after payment provider for VCC payments, which are indispensable in the airline sector.”

About Apiso

Apiso’s Advance Payment Integration solutions are setting new standards in multi-currency multi-channel B2B virtual card (VCN) payments. The company’s advanced technologies enable customers and distribution partners to access multi-currency B2B VCN payment services across multiple channels including API, web, and integration with Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and other travel technology companies.

The combination of its services and unique consultative approach enables its customers to optimize outbound payments in order to drive new revenues, decrease costs and FX, and increase profitability.

For further information about Apiso please visit www.apiso.io or contact:
Suhail Uddin, Chief Commercial Officer

About Hitchhiker

HitchHiker GmbH has been successfully developing software solutions for airlines, ticket wholesalers, online portals, travel agencies and tour operators since 1992. With more than 30 years of experience in the ever-changing tourism industry and numerous international projects, HitchHiker develops solutions for the entire process chain of air ticket management as well as numerous, powerful booking solutions for all types of flights and tourism services.

With Apiso, we provide our customers with an important partner for virtual credit card payments. For online flight bookings, virtual credit cards are important to pay service providers regardless of the payment method used for the booking.

This is the only way that flight aggregators can charge the end customer for the final travel agency service fee. In addition, the one-time use of a credit card offers security benefits.

Therefore, we have implemented Apiso as a payment provider for virtual credit cards in the HitchHiker products as an adjustable payment provider.

For further information about Hitchhiker, please visit www.hitchhiker.net

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